2001 Open House / Benefit for Equine Research at

 “Dressage With the Masters”
Open House
– April 26, 2003

Karin Worm and L.A. Lynx present the American Flag

Dr. Gail Hoff - Carmona thanks the Dressage Masters, Bo Jenå of Sweden and Alex Chterba of Russia for their participation in the program

Bo Jenå with L.A.Baltic Sunrise - Piaffe

Bo Jenå with L.A.Baltic Sunrise - Shoulder In

Bo Jenå with L.A.Baltic Inspiration - Passage

Bo Jenå with L.A.Baltic Inspiration - Extended Trot

Los Alamos Dressage Center hosted its 22nd annual Open House and Benefit for equine research at the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School at New Bolton Center on April 26, 2003.

     Laura Florence of the farrier department at New Bolton Center started the day with an excellent seminar on therapeutic and corrective shoeing and funds raised at the Open House have been donated for research in this area.

     After the seminar, a musically choreographed presentation of horses working in dressage and/or over fences kicked off with Karin Worm, of Germany, riding L.A. Lynx, a Swedish Warmblood gelding from Sweden, presenting the American flag and a very talented 12 year old, Amanda Phillips, singing the Star Spangled Banner.

     This year we were pleased to present two masters of Dressage: Bo Jenå, director of dressage at Flyinge, the National Stud of Sweden, and Alex Chterba, former coach at the Olympic Training Center in Moscow.


Bo Jenå with L.A.Baltic Sunrise - Extended Trot

     Both masters demonstrated methods of working horses for high collection (piaffe and passage). Bo showed L.A. Baltic Inspiration, L.A. Baltic Sunrise and L.A. United Nations in long reins doing many movements from the expressive extended trot to the elegant trot on the spot known as piaffe.

Bo Jenå with L.A.Baltic Inspiration - Half Pass

Alex Chterba demonstrates work "in hand" for piaffe with L.A. Baltic Sunrise

     Alex demonstrated work in hand for piaffe and the slow, cadenced trot known as passage, according to the methods of James Fillis.

Pas de Deux of passage and piaffe with
L.A. Baltic Inspiration ridden by Jaime Topinka and
L.A. Baltic Sunrise ridden by Lisa Basselini

Pas de Deux of piaffe and passage



     After working in hand, L.A. Baltic Inspiration, ridden by Jaime Topinka, and L.A. Baltic Sunrise, ridden by Lisa Basselini performed a Pas de Deux of piaffe and passage.


     L.A. Baltic Sunrise, co-owned with Christina Hewitt of Red Bank, NJ, then received his achievement award for several USDF year end awards won during the 2002 competition year at Intermediaire 1 and the Intermediaire 1 Free Style with Gail Carmona riding.

Chilean Wine Toast: Alex Chterba shares a glass of wine with Jaime Topinka on L.A. Baltic Inspiration and
Lisa Basselini on L.A. Baltic Sunrise


L.A. Rose of Sweden shows off her new filly, L.A. Baltic Mantra by L.A. Baltic Inspiration


Dressage Quadrille - partners, Patty Crawford (inside) on Louie and Jaime Topinka on L.A. Baltic Inspiration change rein in extended trot

Dressage Quadrille - performing a "pin wheel" from left to right are: Patty Crawford on Louie, Jaime Topinka on L.A. Baltic Inspiration, Lisa Basselini on Wellington of L.A. and Katarina Antens - Miller on Havanna


     A traditional Chilean cavalry wine toast was made to L. A. Baltic Inspiration. As the wine was passed out to all in attendance, Gail explained the tradition of this toast:

     Los Alamos Dressage Center was founded by the late Maj. Hector Carmona, a cavalry officer from Chile who immigrated to the USA and served as coach for the USET. He later established Los Alamos Dressage Center, the first school of dressage in the USA.

     In the Chilean Cavalry, when a new horse learned to do passage, it was a sign that the horse was able to do all the movements of Grand Prix dressage. At that point, the officer who trained the horse invited his friends, showed the horse and enjoyed some excellent Chilean wine with everyone.

     Although the Chilean Cavalry has been replaced now with tanks, the old tradition of the wine toast still lives on at Los Alamos Dressage Center. This year the toast was especially meaningful because L.A. Baltic Inspiration was the recipient after a career as a Grand Prix jumper and because he was broken to ride by Capt. Max and Carla Piraino of Chile when he was 3 years old. Lt. Col. Ricardo Aranda, a good friend and military liaison from Chile to the USA, who is also a Grand Prix jumper rider, urged me (Gail) to accept the talented Capt. and his wife to visit the USA in order to observe dressage and the horses in the USA. I was happy to invite them to stay at Los Alamos and participate in our Open House that year, too. Both are excellent riders; Max was a member of the dressage team in Chile and Carla was a 3 day event rider for Argentina. So during their visit, they took on the task of breaking L.A. Baltic Inspiration during their visit to the USA and we want to send them our special thanks for their help and expertise. We had many laughs together and shared some good wine then, and this year at the Open House Max and Carla sent their special E-mail regards and good wishes as we shared some wine even over the continents.

     However, the Chilean wine toast this year could not have happened without the outstanding ability and experience of Alex Chterba of Russia. Although “Inspiration” had been started in high collection, I managed to herniate a disc in my back and was laid up for months. During that time Alex, a long time friend, agreed to come to Los Alamos to teach my students in frequent clinics and to continue work with L.A. Baltic Inspiration for piaffe and passage. Through his endless patience and perseverance with horses, “Inspiration” progressed to doing piaffe and passage. So this year the “Chilean Wine Toast” is truly an international event!

     On the lighter side, L.A. Rose of Sweden, an elite Swedish Warmblood mare introduced her latest filly, L.A. Baltic Mantra by L. A. Baltic Inspiration. A Dressage Quadrille of four horses and riders followed. Katarina Antens-Miller rode her Holsteiner mare, Havanna, Lisa Basselini rode the Hanoverian gelding, Wellington of L.A., Patty Crawford rode the Thoroughbred gelding affectionately known as Louie and Jaime Topinka rode the Swedish Warmblood stallion, L.A. Baltic Inspiration.

L.A. Baltic Inspiration returned to the arena once again,
but this time as a jumper

Bo Jenå runs with L.A. United Nations
in the extended trot

     Following a lively live auction to benefit research at New Bolton Center, L.A. Baltic Inspiration returned to the arena once again, but this time as a jumper. He thrilled the crowd with his free jumping, which culminated at the top of the standards – about 5’7”.


     L.A. United Nations, a Swedish Warmblood gelding owned by Joan DePalo next delighted everyone as Bo Jenå ran next to him in a most expressive extended trot.


Lisa Basselini shows Servus in a kur. First photo (above) shows the flying change of lead at the canter and the second (right) shows the canter pirouette

     Lisa Basselini next presented the Holsteiner gelding known as Servus, owned by Tom Benson and Janet Bell, in a musical freestyle, kur, at the F.E.I. level. This ride showed the beauty and grace of an advanced dressage horse.

Bogdan Domagala on L.A. Baltic Ebony and Jaime Topinka on L.A. Baltic Kharma perform a Pas de Deux of dressage horses also jumping to the music "Under Pressure"

     The program culminated with a Pas de Deux of two Swedish Warmblood “dressage” horses jumping. Bogdan Domagala of Poland rode L.A. Baltic Ebony and Jaime Topinka rode his half sister, L.A. Baltic Kharma. Both are offspring of L.A. Baltic Inspiration.

     Achievement Awards were presented to horses and riders trained at Los Alamos or horses sired by our stallions in recognition of outstanding performance during the 2002 competition year.

     Our sincere thanks to sponsors, advertisers, volunteers and donors for all their support. Without it, this event could not have been the success it was.

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